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Transport plan for America’s Cup finalised

The transportation plan for the America’s Cup has been announced, detailing how the public can travel to and from the event village in Dockyard.

According to a statement by ACBDA, spectators are encouraged to attend the village by ferry to help prevent traffic congestion in the West End. The ferry service will cost $5 for adults and $2.50 for children each way.

“Dedicated ferries will run direct from Hamilton to the America’s Cup Village dock daily, and dedicated America’s Cup ferries are scheduled from St. George’s to Dockyard on weekends,” the statement said. “These can be booked online at from May 1.”

Buses, taxis and motorcycles will all have access to Dockyard as normal, with those arriving in Dockyard by the normal public ferry able to ride a free shuttle from the Clocktower Mall to the America’s Cup Village.

Bike parking in Dockyard will be free, but helmets should be stored with the motorcycles as they will not be allowed into the event village itself.

Meanwhile, access to Dockyard will be limited for those in private cards on race days between 10.30am and 4pm, along with between 2pm and 8pm on May 26.

“There will be a road checkpoint operating just after Boaz Island, at Greys Bridge, from 10.30am each day the America’s Cup Village is open,” the statement noted. “This will only allow accredited and public service vehicles, including taxis, through to Dockyard, as well as all motorbikes and scooters.

“For spectators who choose to drive their car, large parking lots have been assigned and must be pre-booked online. A shuttle service will take spectators from the parking areas to the America’s Cup Village.”

Car parking has been arranged at Boaz Island Sports Field, the Warren Simmons Field near Somerset Marketplace, Somerset Primary, Sandys Secondary and West End Primary.

“Organisers anticipate that not all parking areas will be required and will only be opened as needed,” the statement continued. “Boaz Island Sports Field will be the primary parking area and on high traffic days the other fields will be opened as needed.

“People booked on Spectator Boats leaving from Dockyard are advised to travel by ferry, bus, taxi or pre-arranged transport to Dockyard. They can also use the Park n Ride facility for the America’s Cup Village and take a free shuttle train to the Clocktower Mall in Dockyard. Spectator Boat passengers are advised to be at their assigned dock 30 minutes before their scheduled departure time.

“Motorists will book their Park n Ride online for $25 per car when booked in advance ($30 per car if booked within 24 hours of use). The online system will automatically book the closest available parking area. This includes all passengers and the return shuttle service to America’s Cup Village.”

Shuttle service will be available from each area, and will run on a 15-minute loop, either by ferry or minibus. From May 1, Park n Ride can be booked online at

Residents and businesses of Dockyard and Somerset will receive a letter from America’s Cup Bermuda (ACBDA), explaining how the transport plan and anticipated increase in traffic may impact them.