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Teenager’s delight in skills learnt at Cup

  • 35th Americas Cup  (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

The 35th America’s Cup has given one lucky Bermudian teenager a unique insight into event management as well as an opportunity to further her career ambitions.

Arden Vickers has been working as a radio and log assistant in the Joint Agency Co-ordinating Centre that monitors everything going on inside and outside of the America’s Cup Village.

The 18-year-old hopes that the experience of working in the command centre of the sailing spectacle will help her pursue her dream of planning major sporting events.

She told The Royal Gazette that her time with the JACC had provided her with an invaluable insight into how large events are orchestrated.

“I am usually on the early morning shift and have to ensure all areas complete their pre-event checks, so we are sure everything has been checked and the area is ready for the Village to reopen,” Ms Vickers added.

“We have to do radio checks to make sure everyone’s radio is turned on, working and we are in communication.

“We are responsible for listening to all radio communications and log them into the computer.

“It is important to have an accurate record of everything that has happened in the Village and on the water.

“This job has really helped me see behind the scenes of a large event and I have learnt so much. These skills will hopefully help me as I enter the job market when I graduate from college.

“I am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to volunteer and work this summer with the amazing people hired to run and organise the America’s Cup and learn everything I possibly can. The experience is invaluable.”

Ms Vickers attended Warwick Academy and finished high school education with The Christa McAuliffe Academy of Arts and Science

She has just completed the first year of a Special Event Diploma at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

The teenager added: “At Fanshawe we are focusing mainly on corporate and hotel special events. However I am more interested in working and planning major sporting events.

“I was thrilled when Bermuda was awarded the 35th America’s Cup and jumped on the opportunity to work with them.”