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Call for Government comment on America’s Cup

  • Team New Zealand on day two of the America's Cup (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

The Opposition has challenged the Government to issue a public statement on the success of this year’s America’s Cup.

Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, the Leader of the Opposition, questioned why the Government had failed to comment on a report that concluded the sailing event had injected millions into the economy.

The report, by accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, estimated that the event would give a $330 million boost to the island’s economy. The report also noted that the event came in nearly $13 million under budget from the original estimate of $77 million.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Friday night, Ms Gordon-Pamplin said: “In the context of our making sure that Bermuda remains a vital and stable economy, and that our reputation is secured for all to see, it was a little disappointing to not hear a ministerial statement today on the report that has come out in respect of the America’s Cup because that report effectively gave a result — it showed how the country benefited from that event.

“It may come next week but I think that, in the context of not having had the opportunity last week to blow trumpets and say ‘how wonderful we are and what we have done in our first 100 days’, that it would be inconvenient to muddy the waters with something of that significance.

“I have no doubt that it will come — I have faith that this will come from the Government and that we will have a statement and that the country will have the opportunity to see that, notwithstanding the negative publicity and the unfortunate comments that were made in public and in private, that there was a benefit to the country as a result of that event.

“It is difficult to state how everyone can participate and have a fair share of the economic pie when you try to grow the pie and there is negativity thrown at it.”

During his tenure as Shadow Tourism Minister under the Progressive Labour Party, Jamahl Simmons had charged that the cost would be “in excess of $100 million” while the then Opposition leader David Burt suggested its original estimate was “certain to rise”.