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Gybe Talkin’ Day 25

  • Grant Dalton


Richard Clarke

Team BDA coach echoes sentiment of many on the island when he explained how he wants the team to continue. Comes down to cash, though.


Larry Ellison

Apparently the billionaire is none too happy with the one-sided final. Not a man who is used to making a bad investment.

What they said

They’ve put in huge hours on the water and had a huge week, and I guess at some point their guys will start getting tired because these are pretty physical boats

— Grant Dalton, Team New Zealand boss

Man overboard

Too confident?

Murray Jones, the Team NZ performance coach, said: “They’ve been sailing like this for months and years really, so I can’t see them making any major changes this week.” That’s either ironclad belief or overconfidence. We’ll see.

Top Tweets

This feels like the longest five days ever. #AmericasCup #ETNZ

— @LittleMissJK

All it would take is slightly stronger winds & this comp evens up. Our media is out of control! #AmericasCup #fatladyhasnotsungyet

— @madinnz

Aruba, Jamaica, oo I wanna take ya to BERMUDA, Bahama, come on pretty mama...”-- #HeyCalifornia coming at ya from #HeyBermuda!

— Country star @sandralynnmusic