Bermuda Stock Exchange

One shares trade on BSX

  • Ascedant Ltd bought back more than 51,000 of its own shares last month

One Communications Ltd was the one stock to trade on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

The telecommunications group remained unchanged on $3 as 930 shares changed hands.

The Royal Gazette/BSX Index closed unchanged on 2,047.87.

The BSX Insurance Index gained 15.66 points, or 1.05 per cent, to close on 1,502.06.

Butterfield Bank’s US-listed shares fell 21 cents, or 0.6 per cent, to close at $33.22 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, Ascendant Group Ltd announced in a regulatory filing that the company repurchased 51,395 of its own common shares at an average price of $16.99 during the month of December 2018. The company stated the repurchased shares had been reserved for issuance.

One Communications also stated in a BSX filing that it had repurchased 3,999 shares during December and a further 451,805 shares pursuant to BSX Regulation 6.14(2)(i). All shares were purchased at an average price of $3 for immediate cancellation.