Betty Doyling

New mothers can commit to healthy eating and exercise

  • Thelma Kachisa and Naledi Butterfield
  • Tammy Heath and Sophie Ayers
  • Sonia and Matteo Pacheco

Getting back to your pre-baby level of fitness can be tough, especially as it can be difficult to commit to healthy eating and a regular exercise routine. Personal trainer Betty Doyling spoke with Thelma Kachisa, Sonia Pacheco and Tammy Heath about the effort they are making to get back into shape after giving birth.

Her plan is to check in with them again, at the start of next year.


At almost four months post a C-section, I have only recently recommitted to my fitness regime.

I use the word ďrecommittedĒ, since I view fitness as a serious relationship that requires time, priority, loyalty and continual maintenance to make it work.

As a mum who works full time and breastfeeds, I find that time is my hardest contribution to this relationship.

The trick for me is to get my workout done in the morning ó at 6am ó and then continue my busy day.

I do HIIT and circuit classes with B-Active For Life, boxing at Aries Sports Centre and spinning classes at Studio One five days a week. Iíve fallen off my routine several times during these past four months with family visiting and adjusting to life as a mama.

Because Iím determined to succeed, as I need to stay healthy for my beautiful baby, I keep on trying.

Be kind to yourself, mamas. Do not compare yourself to anyone else.


Throughout the years Iíve struggled with my weight.

Two years ago I changed my eating habits and began outdoor circuit training classes, mostly in the mornings, with B-Active For Life. I lost a lot of weight and enjoyed exercising as well.

Three months ago, I had an amazing baby boy named Matteo.

During my pregnancy and maternity leave I gained about 35lb, however my plan is to get back in shape through healthier choices and by beginning my fitness classes again.

Working out in a group setting really helps me to stay focused and meet my goals a lot faster than when I try to do it alone. Iím trying to stay motivated because I need to get my body back! Stay tuned for my progress.


During my pregnancy, I gained 55lb.

Itís been ten months after having Sophie and Iíve lost 30lb through choosing to eat healthier, which is definitely a work in progress.

I have learnt consistency is key and everything in moderation.

I work out four to five times per week, doing B-Active For Life circuit classes [with Betty Doyling], spinning, personal training and soon Iíll add CrossFit to my regime. I really look forward to my workouts!

New moms are faced with so many different kinds of pressures and we are told the weight will come off naturally.

It doesnít, it takes a lot of work. The race is long but, in the end, itís only with yourself.

ē Betty Doyling is a certified fitness trainer and figure competitor with more than a decade of experience. Check her out on Facebook: