Betty Doyling

June wedding and new health challenges ahead

  • Setting goals: Betty Doyling has set herself a target of losing 15lbs by June (Photograph supplied)
  • Life change: Kelly Southern is preparing for her wedding in June after giving birth (Photograph supplied)

Lifestyle columnist Betty Doyling and her friend Kelly Southern have set themselves a June target to get their bodies back in shape.

Betty, a personal trainer, gained 15 pounds during a break from her fitness regime.

Kelly, a one-time fitness competitor, gained 15 pounds after she grew weary of a strict exercise and diet programme.

Read their stories below:

Betty’s story

Being a personal trainer, I try to be focused with my meals and workouts, however, life happens and sometimes even trainers take a break. For a while, I decreased my exercise from five times to one or two times a week and I stopped logging my food, which I used to do as it keeps you accountable when you don’t allow yourself to eat aimlessly.

I also took a break from weighing myself and wasn’t consistent with my meal planning.

However, 15 pounds later it is time to get back in order. My body does not feel the way I’d like it to feel. I feel fluffy, heavy while running and, of course, my clothes fit differently.

Aside from wanting to lose a few inches, one of my main motivations at this time is that I am in my friend Kelly’s wedding in June.

She and I have both decided to turn our bodies around over the next six months.

Chicken and vegetables will not be the main foods of our diet.

We are going to purge our kitchens of all the junk and get back to healthy eating, sticking to more high-protein foods, veggies and healthy fats such as avocado and nuts.

We will update you in a month on our progress.

Kelly’s story

I had my son, Kenji, in August 2016. To help get my pre-baby body back, I entered my first bikini fitness competition 12 months later.

I had never felt and looked as I did on stage in 2017. It was an amazing accomplishment.

After the competition, I was able to relax from the strict dieting and strenuous exercise that I had become accustomed to for five months.

I was not prepared mentally, however, for how my body would look. I was not overweight, I just no longer had that lean, muscular body that I presented on stage. In the fitness industry this may be referred to as “feeling fluffy”. This was very hard for me to deal with. I felt fat and I became very lazy; not wanting to exercise, I ate what I wanted.

Fast forward to today. I am 15lbs over the weight I would like to be.

My motivation to get back on track? First and foremost is my mental and physical health. Getting proper exercise and eating well is so important to our health and can never be taken for granted.

Secondly, I am getting married this June and I want to look and feel amazing. Like Betty, I’ve made the decision to get back to healthy eating and get back in shape.

Get back on track and B-Active For Life! Betty Doyling is a certified fitness trainer and figure competitor with more than a decade of experience. Check her out on Facebook: