Betty Doyling

Shape up after the Super Bowl

  • If you overindulged while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, now is the time to clean up

Did you go overboard indulging yourself while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday?

Are you still upset over your team losing and seeking treats as comfort? Maybe your team won and youíre still celebrating? Well, now itís time to clean up; do your body a favour by choosing better options.

Lemon water

Lemons can be a gentle laxative and a natural diuretic. Add some lemon juice to warm water in the morning and drink to start your morning off right.


The key to recovery is replenishment. The easiest way to absorb a large dose of vitamins on your road to recovery is a green juice that includes leafy greens like kale, spinach and collards ó fabulous detox foods that help keep your liver healthy.

Cucumber is also a perfect addition to juices because it has electrolytes that are useful in combating a hangover.

Make a green juice at home by mixing kale, apple, spinach, celery, parsley, romaine, cucumber and lemon. This drink is rich in vitamins that can aid in reducing inflammation and itís tasty.


Start your day with a bowl of high-fibre oatmeal that will help keep you full and get you back on track.


Ginger is a huge favourite of mine. This little root should be your best friend too for the next few days. Even a small dose of ginger helps ease bloating and indigestion.


Asparagus is a natural diuretic that will help rid the body of excess salts and it is loaded with glutathione, a protein that helps remove toxins from the body. Other foods that contain glutathione are Brussels sprouts, carrots, avocados and grapefruit.


This powerful spice is used as a remedy for inflammation and to comfort upset stomachs. Try it on vegetables like cauliflower to amp up your dinner.

Clean it up and B-Active For Life!

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