Betty Doyling

Don’t just focus on your weight

  • Active for life: Betty Doyling

Cup Match is over and everyone is feeling their blows! Honestly, itís one of my most favourite holidays! Four days filled with excitement, delicious fish and chips, drinks and camaraderie! Iím sure now that itís all over and itís back to the real world, some of you are entertaining negative thoughts of weight gain.

Well, the good news is that what you eat, or overeat, does not instantly turn into weight gain. However, how much you eat over the course of a few days or weeks can definitely result in weight gain.

Weight gain happens when we have an imbalance between the calories we are eating and the calories we are burning off. It doesnít happen from just one meal. It occurs when we donít burn off the calories we consume. The key is to enjoy all foods in the right balance, keep your portions lean and focus on eating mindfully.

The amount of food we need to eat before it ends up as body weight depends on the individual. Have you weighed yourself at one time of the day and noticed your weight has increased a few hours later?

This is not instant weight gain. We need to keep in mind that throughout the day our weight can fluctuate by a couple of pounds depending on our hydration, water retention, or whether we have just eaten. This food or drink will first be digested, converted into waste and any excess energy will be stored as fat.

Unfortunately, itís much easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight. Think about after you return from a cruise; you may come back after about a week and notice youíve gained five to ten pounds. However, it may take about a month or two to get rid of them.

However, there is hope. Unless someone is obese or underweight, our weight is simply a number and shouldnít be focused on too much. Our weight does not define who we are.

The way our bodies are wired is extremely complex and there are so many different factors that affect our weight.

Instead of just focusing on our weight, we should be focusing on our health and wellbeing. If you truly need weight-loss assistance get help from a qualified professional.

However, donít forget that our weight is truly just a number and it will never define us!

ē Betty Doyling is a certified fitness trainer and figure competitor with more than a decade of experience. Look for B. ActiveForLife on Facebook