Betty Doyling

So how is the workout motivation going?

  • Staying motivated: almost 40 per cent of people who start fitness and diet routines give up within the first seven days

We are now in February and commitment may be dwindling. However, if you are sticking to your fitness regime, congratulations!

Almost 40 per cent of people who start fitness and diet routines give up within the first seven days.

The most common reason for failure with weight loss is setting unrealistic goals and following unsustainable diet and exercise plans. Sometimes we can be impatient and strive for that “quick fix”.

However, it’s making a lifestyle change that will really give us those long-term desired results.

Let’s check out some non-scale-related weight loss motivation tricks to ensure, this time, you stay on track:


When I think about my workouts, or my clients, I try to give it a run-through first. Of course, sometimes, I can just wing it however if I’ve truly prepared for it, the workouts are so much better.

Picturing your progress towards a goal can actually help you to achieve it. Try to prepare yourself mentally and physically ahead of each training session.

Work out in the morning

Unfortunately, weight loss motivation and willpower decreases as the day progresses.

Try training first thing in the morning when you are well rested and ready for the day.

Make sure you prep your kit the night before. I have even slept in mine on occasions when I knew it was going to be a busy day!

Support your favourite charity through exercise

Thinking of others can increase willpower and improve mental health and mood, which has also been shown to improve physical performance.

Training for charity and weight loss is a win-win.

There’s no bigger motivator than competing to raise money for something that is important to you.

Identify your reason

Try and identify your weight loss inspiration.

This doesn’t mean being led by external factors such as wanting to look like Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl.

Look for something that will stay with you throughout your life, wanting to stay active as you get older or being able to play with your children. The thought of hitting your goals will be much more fulfilling!

Set mini goals

When I am reading a complicated baking recipe, I tend to read it in smaller sections.

With any major project, when it comes to weight loss help, it pays to break things down into smaller steps.

Having one huge goal that is months away can be disheartening and demotivating.

Instead, give yourself smaller targets along the way and reward yourself when you achieve them.

No that doesn’t mean if you lose 5lb you celebrate with a six-course meal. Buy a new outfit or book tickets to see a show instead.

Don’t be intimidated

It’s so important to recognise that every single person in the gym is on their own personal fitness journey.

Don’t focus on others who may be lifting heavier or running faster than you. The fact that you’ve showed up is a massive achievement and you should be extremely proud of yourself.

We’ve all got to start somewhere after all.

Stop the habit

This one is so important. It’s truly time to be more mindful. We make lots of food choices daily, unawares.

We eat out of routine and habit — in our cars, at our desk, while walking to work; we eat when we see or smell food.

This week, let’s pause, make choices and ask yourself, “Is this the smartest choice I can make right now? Is there anything better that I could eat?”

Look at your habits and routines to see where you can change, control and eliminate those cues that lead you to eating the foods you need to cut back on.

It may mean skipping that route that leads you across to the bakery.

Stay motivated and B-Active For Life!

Betty Doyling is a certified fitness trainer and figure competitor with more than a decade of experience. Look for B. ActiveForLife on Facebook