Booster Shot

Co-operation: an action word

  • Co-operation: many hands make light work

Co-operation. How many of you have really looked at this word to identify the key action word contained within — “operation”!

This is an action word and when we think about how we get things done it always takes an “operation” to make everything happen.

When we work together towards a common goal it is this co-operation that makes the difference.

Think back over the last several weeks and the response to storms and other significant events in our community and in our world; the common thread to create change is the simple fact of “many hands make light work” — so as you embark on a new week, look hard to develop projects where co-operation will result in success!

“Leadership is the activity of influencing people to co-operate towards some goal which they come to find desirable and which motivates them over the long haul.” - Orway Tead