Stylish new bags are Bermuda Born

  • Take your pick: the Bermuda Born bags come in a variety of colours (Photograph by Donovin Seymour)
  • New business: Patrice Morgan, with one of her range of Bermuda Born bags (Photograph by Donovin Seymour)
  • In Bermuda: Sophie Fraser-Smith poses with one of the handbags. Ms Morgan is dedicating her look book to the model who died last month (Photograph by Donovin Seymour)
  • Island style: a longtail adorns the Bermuda Born bag (Photograph by Donovin Seymour)

A new handbag called “Bermuda Born” has been launched by Bermudian Patrice Morgan.

She is no stranger to creating a brand as she introduced the Showoff Magazine to Bermuda back in 2004 after graduating with a BA in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Clark University in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2010, she went back to school at the London College of Fashion to study handbag and design production.

When she graduated two years later she thought about starting a handbag line, while still working part time on her magazine.

Her passion for handbags became known in 2008 when she enrolled in a short course in accessory design at London College.

“I love working with the quality of the leather material and my handbags are all made with it,” she said.

However, she believes now is the best time for her to work on her brand as she has enough time to dedicate in it.

The brand name, Bermuda Born, came from her being “born in Bermuda, inspired by a Bermudian, starting out from Bermuda, and promoting the island”.

Quality is very important to her and she prides herself on getting the very best, which is what she believes sets her apart from other designers.

All the handbags are made from leather material and custom-dyed in Portugal.

The bags come in a range of beautiful bright colours, such as bold blues and pinks to nudes and black. Each has the Bermuda Born logo alongside a small image of a longtail.

Ms Morgan would also like to dedicate her look book to model Sophie Fraser-Smith, 21, who died last month in a road collision in Bermuda.

“I am extremely honoured to have met this lovely young lady, I would like to dedicate my look book on behalf of Sophie.”

Ms Fraser-Smith modelled the Bermuda Born bags and Ms Morgan said she was delightful.

When asked what plans she has for the future, Ms Morgan said: “To gain more exposure in the United States and Europe.”

The bags are being sold at F.H. Luxury Gifts Boutique in the Hamilton Princess and at the Rosewood Tucker’s Point hotel.

The bags can also be purchased online at Ms Morgan can be contacted through instagram @bermudabornlabel and the Facebook page