Award helps Richardson pursue IB career

  • Heading for Denver: Dain Richardson with her award. Also pictured from the left are Deanna Durham, Patrick Tannock, Rees Fletcher and Dawnette Swann (Picture supplied)

Dain Richardson has become the first recipient to receive the Association of Bermuda International Companies Education Awards’ Alumni Award.

This award has been designed to attract mature students who demonstrate a successful employment history and wish to retrain for a career in international business or for those who have plans to pursue an undergraduate degree leading to a career in IB.

Mrs Richardson applied for the award on

“It was one of the few scholarships specifically available for mature students so I am grateful to be the recipient,” she said.

She attended New York’s Westchester Community College where she made the President’s List maintaining a 3.9 GPA.

For the past 20 years she has home-schooled her children from preschool to high school.

“While home schooling my own children I was able to provide childcare services for working moms which was also a good way of helping my teen daughters get a first hand experience of what is involved in caring for a young child,” said Mrs Richardson.

More recently she attended Bermuda College and is now enrolled at the University of Denver to pursue a degree in accounting.

She realised she wanted to pursue accounting as she has always enjoyed mathematics.

“Although I enjoy teaching and will always find some way of giving back to the community using my teaching skills, I decided that accounting would be a better career choice for me.

“After taking my first accounting class at Bermuda College I was even more convinced that it is a career that I would enjoy.”

She aspires to achieve the needed education to become a contributor to Bermuda’s international business, and to help others in the community to reach their academic goals.

“The Abic Alumni Award will give me the much appreciated opportunity to complete my bachelor’s degree, and re-enter the workforce with the skill sets that I need to become more employable in Bermuda’s thriving international business economy in which, at the moment, Bermudians are under represented.”

She decided to study in Denver because her son had previously gained sponsorship to study there.

While visiting, she had the opportunity to learn more about the university. She was offered its highest transfer scholarship, which made the university more affordable. She was also given credit for college work previously done, which will reduce the overall time and cost for her.

Mrs Richardson has post-graduation plans. She said: “My plans are to work in international business in Bermuda and to be in a position to help others reach their academic goals.”

Her husband Yuri Richardson has been a big support in her life she said.

“He shared this journey with me and is very happy for me to receive this opportunity to continue my education and start a new career.

“I also extend my gratitude to all who have personally contributed to the Abic Alumni Award. My goal is to do my best so that we will all have a good return on their investment in my education.”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Abic Education Awards, which have provided f financial support to more than 590 students during the past four decades. In celebration, a special alumni education award, The Abicea Alumni Award has been established. Through a give back campaign the Abicea alumni have contributed to the award which will see Mrs Richardson receive $15,000 per year for two years to support her further education towards an IB career.