Hotel offers guests temperature guarantee

  • Temperature guarantee: guests will get a free night at the Fairmont Southampton between November and March when the day's high temperature does not reach a certain level

The Fairmont Southampton is offering a ‘Bermuda Shorts’ temperature guarantee, offering guests a free night whenever the day’s high does not reach a certain level.

The offer will apply from November through March next year.

The free night will apply in November and December when the day’s high fails to reach 71F, and from January through March when the day’s high falls short of 63F.

Kiaran MacDonald, regional vice-president Caribbean and general manager said: “Fairmont Southampton’s innovative temperature guarantee might well be a world’s first.

“In a nutshell, we are so confident about the appealing climate of our destination that we are willing to guarantee this in writing to our guests.”

The special offer includes holidays in the period, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter.

More information about the ‘Bermuda Shorts’ temperature guarantee is available at