Hotel hopes guests warm to temperature deal

  • Temperature guarantee: guests will get a free night at the Fairmont Southampton between November and March when the day's high temperature does not reach a certain level
  • Dreamy scene: a perfect day at the Fairmont Southampton hotel’s beach (Photograph supplied)
  • Win-win offer: Kiaran MacDonald, regional vice-president and general manager at Fairmont Southampton (Photograph supplied)

If the daytime temperature does not reach a target high between November and March, guests at the Fairmont Southampton will enjoy their hotel room for free that night.

The hotel has launched a ‘Bermuda Shorts’ temperature guarantee as a fun and innovative way in attract more guests during the quieter months of the year.

Kiaran MacDonald, regional vice-president and general manager, joined the hotel a year ago and believes it has great potential to grow even further.

He said the new offer will create exposure for hotel and enhance overall occupancy.

“The weather is beautiful in Bermuda, and it is an all year round tourist destination,” he said.

The free night offer will apply in November and December when the day’s high fails to reach 71F, and from January through March when the day’s high falls short of 63F. On days when this happens, hotel rooms for that night will be complimentary to guests staying at the hotel.

“We are ready to put our money where our mouth is,” Mr MacDonald said.

With the hotel’s occupancy at 50 per cent during the off season, Mr Macdonald and his team wanted to try a new innovative approach and decided to give this unusual promotion a try.

“We set ourselves a target, and the odd days the temperature drops below it the guest will get their money back.”

He believes it is a win-win situation because if the visitor did not enjoy the weather that day at least they know they will not have to pay for it.

“It is a playful approach to get the hotel and Bermuda more tourists.”

Mr MacDonald continued: “Bermuda has a lot to offer during the cooler months as well such as, hiking, sightseeing, cycling, the spa, golfing and many more.”

He mentioned he also wanted to get rid of the notion of Bermuda being a part of the Caribbean, and show it is a completely separate island.

“The temperature in Bermuda is a lot more temperate than the Caribbean.” he said.

To book this offer guests need to visit the, where they can also read the terms of the weather guarantee offer.