Berkeley teams top investment leaderboard

  • Top teams: Berkeley students who are in the top two teams in the KPMG Investment Challenge as of the end of January, from the left are Casey Hardtman, Tyler Trott, Zahkari Minors, Tyrese Coakley, Yasser Bara and Andreaz Glasgow (Photograph by Rockel Mundy)
  • In hot pursuit: members of the Knock Ya Stocks Off team, from the left, are Yasser Bara, Tyrese Coakley and Andreaz Glasgow (Photograph by Rockel Mundy)
  • Out in front: the Twin Tech Bulls who were present for yesterday’s interview were, from the left, Casey Hardtman, Tyler Trott and Zahkari Minors (Photograph by Rockel Mundy)

Berkeley Institute students are in first and second place in the KPMG Investment Challenge.

The competition, contested by 16 teams from seven schools across the island, involves students being given a virtual $100,000 portfolio to manage. They select stocks to invest in and adjust their portfolio when necessary.

The six-month challenge started in November.

Berkeley Institute team Twin Tech Bulls are at the top of the board with an impressive return of 25.41 per cent, which leaves their portfolio valued at $125,410. Meanwhile, fellow Berkeley team Knock Ya Stocks Off is in second place with a return of 12.94 per cent. The team’s portfolio at the end of January was valued at $112,940.

The students said they are very happy about being in the lead, and yesterday they shared their reasons for signing up for the challenge.

Tyler Trott, who is in the Twin Tech Bulls team, said he got involved because he was interested in stocks and to know what it looks like.

Zahkari Minors jokingly mentioned that he joined this year because he saw that the other guys were struggling and needed help, while team-mate Casey Hardtman signed up to try something different.

Tyrese Coakley said the students have learnt a lot. He explained that you need to always be watching the markets worldwide and keep an eye open for changes.

Andreaz Glasgow said that although he has learnt a lot, he wouldn’t pursue investment as a full-time career, as it requires too much dedication to watch stocks constantly, he would still invest.

Likewise, Khaled Daley and Yasser Bara said they will invest in the future but not make it a full-time career.

Taye Lambe and Kiarah Seon, two of the Twin Tech Bulls team, were not present for the interview.

The KPMG Investment Challenge ends in April.