Fireminds launches Cayman cloud with Logic

  • Partnership announced: Conor McGowan, left, head of sales at Fireminds, Rob McNabb, CEO of Logic Cayman, Michael Branco, CEO of Fireminds, Pamela EBanks-Small, vice-president of sales, Logic, and Lewie Hydes, COO of Logic (Photograph supplied)

Fireminds has launched a cloud data centre in the Cayman Islands that will provide solutions and managed services for Logic Communications’ Logic Business Solutions portfolio in Cayman.

In addition, Fireminds said customers with operations in Bermuda and Cayman can now leverage its data centres in the two territories, working with Logic and OneComm, “allowing for unified cloud and network services”.

Fireminds also has a back-up data centre in Halifax, Canada.

The company is part of Atlantic Telecom Network Inc, which has Logic and OneComm as members. Fireminds said this “facilitated a natural partnership in the form of Fireminds offering its cloud, co-location and IT services to Logic and their customers”.

Michael Branco, chief executive officer of Fireminds, said: “We have worked closely with Logic through our operations in Bermuda. As we continue to expand throughout the Caribbean, we are growing our partnership network.

“Our familiarity with Logic and their dedication to serving their clients makes them a fantastic addition to our network and we look forward to continuing to work together in both Cayman and Bermuda.”

Fireminds said the data centre in Cayman brings Fireminds co-location, cloud services, software-as-a-service solutions and managed services to the Logic Business Solutions portfolio in Cayman.

Fireminds and Logic announced their partnership with a client-targeted event for business executives. The event, hosted by Logic, introduced new cloud services offered by Logic via the partnership.

The data centre in Cayman will offer Logic clients cloud services including managed IT, disaster recovery, co-location services and virtual desktops.

Rob McNabb, CEO of Logic Cayman, said: “We’re elated to bring Fireminds on as an industry partner. The Cayman Data Centre allows us to offer new products to our clients that were previously unavailable. We look forward to bringing the cloud to our customers and working alongside Fireminds to provide local businesses with viable technology options.”

Fireminds data centres in Bermuda, Cayman, and its back-up centre in Canada, are cross connected with OneComm and Logic allowing for the cloud platforms to operate as one cloud fabric.

In its statement, Fireminds said: “This architecture allows customers to move workloads and data stores between locations utilising our group company connectivity and Fireminds SD-WAN solutions.

“In addition, Fireminds data centres are connected to the Microsoft Azure platform allowing for faster access to Office 365 and Azure services for Fireminds customers.”