Ookla names Digicel fastest mobile network

  • On top: Digicel’s network staff with the speedtest award from Ookla. Delano Thomas, left, Febi Anshari, Shimron Whyte, Andy Owen, David Diana, Matthew Taylor, Eduard Munteanu and Blaine Tucker (Photograph by Jayde Gibbons)

Digicel has been named as the fastest mobile network in Bermuda after analysis by Ookla.

Using data from customer-initiated speedtests this year, Ookla measured Digicel’s service as having an average speed score of 25.38 Mbps, compared to One Communications’ 19.50 Mbps.

US-based Ookla operates the web service that provides free access performance. During the first half of the year it compared the user-initiated tests taken on Speedtest iOS and Android mobile apps in Bermuda.

The average download speed for Digicel was 28.95 Mbps, for One it was 22.66. On upload speeds, One was slightly faster at 8.76 Mbps to Digicel’s 8.00.

The average speed score was deduced using 90 per cent of the download result, and 10 per cent of the upload figure. The emphasis placed on the download figure was in order to represent what most customers experience on a day-to-day basis. The calculation also factored in a weighted average across a provider’s network.

The results were based on 2,794 speedtests from 955 devices. In popularity, the leading five devices used in the tests were iPhones, with the iPhone 7 topping the list.

After the collating the data, Ookla awarded Digicel the title “Fastest Mobile Network in Bermuda”.

Andy Owen, technical director at Digicel Bermuda, said: “We are proud that this independent result, by a globally respected speed measurement company, has proven that we offer the fastest mobile network.

“Not one to rest on our laurels we are about to trial a new software release that will bring further benefits to our LTE network and customers, meaning we will be able to increase download speed even further, allowing customers to do and experience more of what they love on an even faster, more reliable network.

“Our current mobile network consistently gives speeds of 120 Mbps at various locations, depending on the mobile phones capabilities.”

Since the beginning of 2017, Digicel has invested in and upgraded its mobile network from 4G to LTE. The company said this meant customers could experience online entertainment such as video, apps and online services much faster.

Mr Owen added: “This result reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with a fast and reliable mobile experience. When coupled with our fibre internet all the way into the home we are able to provide lightning fast internet to our customers no matter where and how they are consuming data.”

Jamie Steven, executive vice-president at Ookla, said: “We are pleased to award Digicel with the award for Fastest Mobile Network in Bermuda. This recognition is testament to their exceptional performance in Q1 and Q2 2018 based on Ookla’s rigorous analysis of consumer-initiated tests taken with Speedtest.”

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