Innovation seminar for entrepreneurs

  • The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation is hosting a seminar for entrepreneurs next week

A “disruption and innovation” seminar to help entrepreneurs harness innovation to achieve their entrepreneurial goals is being hosted by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation.

The seminar will be held at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club’s Trudeau Ballroom on October 17 from 5:30pm — 8:30pm.

The event will consider what it take to disrupt the way business is done. The seminar is designed to educate, inform, and offer a glimpse into the life of entrepreneurs who are using innovation to disrupt how business is being done in Bermuda.

A panel discussion will provide attendees with insight on what it takes to disrupt from within; how to promote a disruptive mindset, how to become a disrupter in a bureaucratic environment, identifying opportunities that work for Bermuda, and alleviating barriers to entry to achieve business goals.

Featured panellists include Kidist “Pinky” Emery of Salon Pink, Norris Ebbin of Easy Park and Gombey, and Barbara Tannock of The Catalyst Group and Manpower, and Amir X and Lamone Woods of the T talk show and Channel 82.

Another panellist is Marico Thomas, of BSMG, who said: “I want to share experiences which may bring benefit to others. You pay to learn, read a book, or learn from others. I’ve made lots of painful mistakes that people should know to avoid.”

Fellow panellist Piers Carr, of Current Vehicles, said: “I am hoping to shed some light on the unique process of launching a business in Bermuda to help others in their quest. I’d like to impart some of the lessons I have learnt over the last few years and learn a thing or two from the other panellists and attendees who may have had similar experiences.”

While Jamillah Lodge, BEDC Information, Education and Communication officer, said: “Now is the time to do business differently. In an age where you have Uber, Airbnb and Amazon, Bermuda cannot afford to continue to do things the same way.

“This seminar will introduce you to entrepreneurs who have taken the leap of faith and in doing so have become disrupters. Our hope is that their stories will inspire attendees to harness innovation and seize, if not create, new opportunities.”

Amir X, of the T talk show and Channel 82, alongside colleague Lamone Woods, said: “In order to produce the T in an environment where local content was not sought after, I had to think disruptively. My dream to produce an all locally curated show for local consumption did not come easily. I want to share what I have experienced over the last ten years so that I can inspire the next generation to think disruptively.”

To register for the seminar call 292-5570, e-mail or log on to Registration is $35 for the public and $25 for BEDC members.