Island lawyers make IFLR 1000 list

  • IFLR 1000: listing of the world's leading financial law firms

More than 40 Bermuda lawyers have been listed in the IFLR 1000, a guide to the world’s leading financial law firms.

Conyers Dill & Pearman has 14 lawyers on the list, while Appleby is the next best with 11.

Tier 1 law firms are Appleby, Conyers and Cox Hallet Wilkinson. In Tier 2 are ASW Law, MJM and Walkers Bermuda. In Tier 3 are BeesMont Law, Carey Olsen Bermuda and Wakefield Quin. Trott & Duncan is mentioned as “other notable”.

Conyers’ lawyers on the list are David Astwood, Marcello Ausenda, Graham Collis, David Cooke, Guy Cooper, Sophia Greaves, Neil Henderson, Niel Jones, Kathleen Moniz, Chiara Nannini, Jason Piney, Sheba Raza and Anthony Whaley.

Appleby lawyers listed are: Brad Adderley, Tonesan Arnissah, Alan Bossin, Matthew Ebbs-Brewer, Timothy Faries, Clive Langley, Sally Penrose, Steven Rees Davies, Stephanie Shih, Max Tetlow and Jerome Wilson.

ASW law lawyers listed are: Federico Candiolo, Neil Horner, Kehinde George and Christa Schweizer.

Walkers Bermuda lawyers listed are: Natalie Neto, Jonathan Betts, Benjamin Green and Ariane West.

MJM lawyers listed are: Brian Holdipp, Jeremy Leese and Peter Martin.

Carey Olsen Bermuda lawyers listed are Michael Hanson and Mary Ward.

Cox Hallet Wilkinson lawyers listed are Janice Gutteridge and Ernest Morrison.

Stephanie Sanderson of BeesMont Law, Ian Stone of Wakefield Quin and Andrea Moniz-DeSouza of Harneys Bermuda also make the list.