CryptoScan launches cybersecurity service

  • Cybersecurity service: Coral Wells, of CryptoScan Bermuda, left, pictured with Kalai Kalaichelvan of PomeGran, centre, and David Burt, the Premier (Photograph supplied)

CryptoScan Bermuda has launched a service offering to help governments and enterprises defend against increasingly sophisticated hackers.

It ensures that cybersecurity policies and procedures are up to date and that cryptographic protocols are not vulnerable.

The CryptoScan service delivers an objective score of cryptographic protocol vulnerabilities as opposed to subjective assessments currently in the market.

“By partnering with PomeGran in Bermuda and throughout the Caribbean, we will be able to provide a level of expert cybersecurity solutions never seen before in the region,” Coral Wells, director of CryptoScan Bermuda, said.

“We believe this will be a game-changer and will have a huge impact on allowing businesses and governments to comply with local and international regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, Payment Services Directive and Bermuda’s Personal Information Protect Act. We are very excited about this opportunity.”

Kalai Kalaichelvan, investor and chief architect of PomeGran, said: “Our Nist-based service offering is unique in the market. There is no other solution that addresses risks associated with the confidentiality and integrity of PII and other proprietary information by assessing and remediating cryptographic vulnerabilities.”

In 2018, the Bermuda Monetary Authority issued its updated Cyber Report to mandate the cybersecurity and data privacy preparedness of all financial services players including banks, re/insurance companies, trust companies, investment businesses, investment funds, fund administrators, money service businesses, corporate service providers and most recently digital asset businesses.

As an additional benefit to customers, CryptoScan will provide an Attestation by a CISSP-certified cybersecurity professional, providing peace of mind to boards and executives that the confidential information they manage is protected at the highest levels possible.

“The CryptoScan service offering is very timely and is urgently required, given the increasing sophistication of hackers and the need to comply with government regulations,” Lloyd Holder, vice-president of information technology services, Bermuda Hospitals Board.

CryptoScan Bermuda and PomeGran are committed to enhancing the technical capabilities of Bermudians and have committed resources to training local professionals to become cybersecurity experts with the goal of becoming CISSP certified.