National certification pathway created

  • Trained up: some of the national certification holders with minister Lovitta Foggo (Photograph supplied)

Fifteen people have completed the training necessary to assess tradespeople who are seeking to obtain national certification in their area of speciality.

Participants representing the automotive, electrical and landscape industries, the Occupational Advisory Committee, the Industry Assessment Panel (IAP) and the Department of Workforce Development successfully completed the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition professional development training course. They will now serve as IAP members.

The training session was sponsored by the Department of Workforce Development, and was led by Charles Joyner and Mark Allison Gallupe from the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment.

As part of the training, participants learnt methods for assessing individuals based on their informal learning, prior experience and on-the-job training.

“This process creates a pathway for persons to obtain national certification based on their work experience, demonstration and job portfolios,” Lovitta Foggo, Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sport, said.

“Recognising skills and competencies is a priority for the Department of Workforce Development and the national certification process. Our future prosperity depends upon our ability to assess and recognise the learning of all our tradesmen.

“Recognition of Prior Learning is a philosophy with immense value for those who work with tradesmen.

“The main principle is that everyone has knowledge and skills that can, and should, be recognised. We can help tradesmen identify and prove their learning by using reliable tools and supportive systems that take into account their unique needs.

“Whether transferring academic credits, seeking completion of a formal diploma or submitting workplace competencies to employers for recognition, the use of quality RPL tools, systems and policies can make it happen for them.”

Completing the training were landscape gardeners Dawn Santucci Smith and Tracy Wright, from the Department of Park; Karim Roland Francis and Hutson Carter II, from Mid Ocean Club; automotive service technicians Andrew Francis (Public Works); Darrel Mellor (GB’s Auto); Michael Hartung (Bermuda Motors); Desmond Woolridge (Transport Control Department); electricians Philip Burgess and McAllister Burgess, both from Burgess Electrical; Andrew Smith (HiTech Electric); and DWD staff members George Outerbridge, director; Allen Richardson, training and assessment officer; and Wolde Selassie and James Welch, standards and enforcement officers.