Permanent injunction in Arbitrade case

  • Court case: a stipulated order for permanent injunction against Ronnie Moas and Standpoint Research Inc has been agreed in a court in Florida (File photograph)

Stock analyst Ronnie Moas has agreed to a permanent injunction that restrains him from committing any acts of cyberstalking against three of the leading people involved in Arbitrade.

The stipulated order at the Miami-Dade County Civil Court states that the resolution shall not be considered an admission of liability or wrongdoing on the part of anyone involved in the civil action.

Arbitrade founding figures Troy Hogg and James Goldberg, and chief operating officer Stephen Braverman, claimed they were victims of cyberstalking and last month sought an injunction for protection against cyberstalking.

In court documents they claimed to have been threatened and stalked after their private mobile phone numbers, private e-mail addresses and other information was posted on social media and shared with third parties.

Mr Moas and his Florida-based company Standpoint Research Inc were named as defendants in the case. Mr Moas, is a stock picker and analyst who has thousands of newsletter subscribers and more than 40,000 followers on Twitter. He was positive about Arbitrade and its cryptotoken “dignity” for most of last year.

In November, the Bermudian-incorporated cryptocurrency exchange and coin company claimed it had “title” to $15 billion of gold bullion to back its coins and tokens. It did not provide the name of the independent accounting firm that it said had verified the account.

A few weeks later, Mr Moas started expressing concerns about the company. In December, Arbitrade released a statement in which it rejected claims it had misled Mr Moas.

At the beginning of January, the civil action seeking protection against cyberstalking was filed at the Florida court. At the end of the month Mr Moas and Standpomt Research filed a defence declaration against the cyberstalking claim and also made a counterclaim against Mr Hogg, Mr Goldberg, Mr Braverman and third-party defendant Arbitrade. In relation to the claims of cyberstalking, Mr Moas stated he never threatened nor directed anyone to threaten the plaintiffs.

Circuit judge Miguel de la O, in relation to the motion for protection against cyberstalking, on February 1 signed the stipulated order for permanent injunction against Ronnie Moas and Standpoint Research.

The order is an agreement between the opposing parties in the case; through it Mr Moas, Standpoint, their agents and any third parties being directed by the defendants are restrained from any acts of cyberstalking, either directly or by their direction of third parties, towards Mr Hogg, Mr Goldberg and Mr Braverman.

Mr Moas and Standpoint are restrained from making defamatory statements about Mr Hogg, Mr Goldberg, and Mr Braverman, and committing any violation of the injunction.

The stipulated order also states: “The parties agree that this stipulation is not, and shall not be considered, an admission of liability or wrongdoing on the part of any party.”

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