Warwick Academy team tops challenge table

Warwick Academy team StockClimbers have opened up a clear lead in the KPMG Senior School Investment Challenge.

In the latest standings, as of January 31, StockClimbers’ initial $100,000 virtual investment has risen by an impressive 12.5 per cent to $112,518.54.

There are 20 school teams competing in the challenge, and each has been given an imaginary $100,000 to invest in the stock market over a six-month period. At the end of the contest, the top teams will win cash prizes for their school.

In second place are the Business.brains, a Bermuda High School team, with $105,413.61, who were knocked off top spot during January by StockClimbers.

In third place are Berkeley Institute’s Pharma 6 Market with $104,266.29.

Hard on their heels are Neritic, a Saltus team, with $104,140.96, while Impact Mentoring’s Ima Investors are fifth with $103,576.69.

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