IoD offers director development courses

  • Rochelle Simons, chairwoman of the Bermuda branch of the Institute of Directors (Photograph supplied)

A series of three director development courses will be held by the Bermuda branch of the Institute of Directors next month.

Rochelle Simons, Bermuda branch chairwoman, said: “In a recent survey of our members, 87 per cent said locally offered professional designation courses were very or somewhat important. We are therefore pleased that we will host two modules in the IoD Certificate in Company Direction designation programme in October.”

She added: “Survey results also highlighted interest in skills-based training. Skills training modules do not qualify as part of the certification programme; they are specifically designed for directors and cover the wide spectrum of roles, responsibilities and leadership skills that are essential in the boardroom.

“We believe the interest in these internal board functioning modules is a positive indication from directors seeking opportunities to influence and impact board performance in a powerful way. This is a great mindset for the future of businesses in Bermuda.”

A two-day course on the “role of the board of directors” on October 14-15 carries a fee of $1,850 for IoD members, and $2,350 for non-members.

A “strategy for directors” course that runs from October 16 to 18 costs $2,600 for members and $3,100 for non-members. A course on October 21 on “improving board effectiveness” costs $500 for members and executive directors and staff of non-profit organisations, and $700 for non-members.

Ms Simons said the October 21 course “will address the role of the board, the chair and non-executive directors in creating a climate that facilitates effective leadership in the boardroom”.

She added: “This is the first time the IoD Bermuda will offer a skills-based training to Bermuda residents. The training is appropriate for commercial and non-profit leaders. The IoD Bermuda is pleased to extend the IoD member rate for this module to executive directors and staff of Bermuda registered charities.”

For more information email or call 336-2447