Pulver lined up for Bermuda tech event

  • Technology pioneer: Jeff Pulver is to attend the TechBeach Retreat in Bermuda next month (File photograph)

Financial technology will take centre stage at the inaugural Fintech: Innovation Island conference in Bermuda.

The brainchild of Delaware-based regional tech convening platform, TechBeach Retreat, the October 17-18 event will be hosted in collaboration with the Bermuda Business Development Agency and the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Organisers said the conference will facilitate a meeting of some of the greatest minds in the global fintech community, including Jeff Pulver, co-founder of Vonage and X Eyee, and programme manager: machine-learning fairness at Google.

A spokesman said: “The retreat aims to deliver rich and meaningful content that participants can almost immediately transform into effective actions. Taking place on an island that currently ranks as the second largest reinsurance domicile in the world, Innovation Island will place fintech front and centre, enabling local, regional and international entities to discuss and dissect this disruptive niche.”

Organisers said the retreat promises to deliver strategic collaborations, open dialogue and valuable contact hours with tech leaders and influencers.

Additionally, the organisers said, the BDA will be available to guide attendees through the process and benefits of domiciling on-island.

Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, co-founder of TechBeach, said: “Bermuda has been proactive as a small island emerging market to ensure that it keeps pace with the global technological revolution.

“This is a bold, impressive and inspiring move by any standard but what’s most appealing is that they’re focused on the greatest strength a small territory can offer — friendly and fast regulation to meet the needs of a rapidly shifting environment.”

TechBeach said it looks forward to leveraging Bermuda’s significant expertise in regulatory management to ensure that Innovation Island serves as a mecca for thought-leaders, innovators and executives all seeking to share their knowledge, or gain a deeper understanding, of the digital asset industry.

Founded by Mr Hamilton and Kyle Maloney, TechBeach Retreat said it is “dedicated to being a unique catalyst for innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise within the Caribbean technology landscape”.

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