Appleby partner meets former US Attorney-General

  • In Washington: Loretta Lynch, left, the former US Attorney-General, with Appleby Bermuda partner Tammy Richardson-Augustus (Photograph supplied)

A major leadership forum in Washington DC was attended by Appleby Bermuda partner Tammy Richardson-Augustus.

The Women, Influence & Power in Law 2019 Executive Leadership Forum is a three-day event presented by Corporate Counsel.

It is the original global forum facilitating women to women exchange on leadership and legal issues. Topics included: executive coaching, winning a seat on the board, creating an ethical and diverse business culture, best practices for negotiation and 360 views on navigating a crisis.

The forum provided networking opportunities among hundreds of the most influential women in law drawn from across the globe.

The keynote speaker was Loretta Lynch, former US Attorney-General under the Obama Administration. She shared her journey to become the first female African-American Attorney-General and discussed how businesses can navigate and thrive in a changing global workforce.

Another keynote speaker was Alison Levine, women’s Everest expedition team captain and New York Times bestselling author.

Ms Richardson-Augustus is a Partner in the corporate department and a member of Appleby’s global Female Leaders Network, which brings together women in senior positions across the jurisdictions in which the firm operates. The network champions workplace inclusivity and diversity of boardroom representation.

Ms Richardson-Augustus said: “I was afforded the opportunity to meet with both Alison Levine and former US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch.

“Ms Lynch was interested to learn that within the Bermuda Bar Association, women outnumber men currently 250 to 228. I also shared how her example has informed and inspired so many who reside in Bermuda.

“Ms Lynch encouraged us who love and live the law to build a community of female lawyers to sustain us as we navigate the issues of today, to tell our own story and to pay forward the support and guidance we receive.”

She added: “In the words of Ms Lynch, all of us are role models to the women who we know, but also to the women we have never met who will see your work, who will see your path, who will see how you have overcome an obstacle and will know that they can too ... never underestimate that value to a young girl seeking her way in the world of simply seeing all of you and what you do.”