Maybury has belief in Blanchette

  • New order: Somerset presidebnt Vashon Blanchette (Photograph courtesy of Somerset Cricket Club)

Alfred Maybury, the former Somerset Cricket Club president, believes that the club are in good hands with the new administration.

Vashon Blanchette, the former vice-president, succeeded Maybury as president after defeating Lew Simmons by a vote of 38-25 during Thursday night’s annual meeting.

Simmons also failed in his bid for the vacant vice-president’s position after losing to Nadir Wade, whose twin brother Nasir ran unopposed for the assistant secretary’s position.

Chris Dechabert and O’Brien Roberts both ran unopposed for the treasurer and assistant treasurer’s positions.

“This is a very intelligent group of young people,” Maybury, who decided not to seek another term as president, told The Royal Gazette. “It is a much younger administration and I see them going places. I know what it’s like there, so he [Blanchette] has my support one hundred per cent.

“I wish them all well and they know that they have my support.”

Maybury also thanked his team for their support throughout his seven-year term as president.

“I had some good teams and all the accomplishments were team efforts,” he said. “We did the best that we could with what we had and I am just happy we were able to hand over a good organisation which is the best in the world.”

Blanchette, who plays for Somerset Trojans in the Premier Division, was unavailable for comment.

A club statement read: “Thank you for seven excellent years of steadfast decisions and growth, president Maybury. Congratulations to new president Mr Vashon Blanchette and our executive and management team.

“Somerset Cricket Club remains strong and committed to service.”