Brangman dispute goes to arbitration

  • One-year suspension: Derrick Brangman

Bailey’s Bay’s dispute with the Bermuda Cricket Board over Derrick Brangman’s one-year ban is in the hands of the Department of Youth and Sport and Recreation’s Alternate Dispute Resolution arbitration panel.

Bay remain at odds over Brangman’s suspension that the BCB imposed on the all-rounder for showing “serious dissent” at an umpire’s decision and bringing the game into disrepute.

The club believe that the Level Four charge Brangman faced was “excessive”.

Norbert Simons, of the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation, confirmed yesterday that the ADR is now dealing with the matter.

“A request came in for the matter to be heard by the ADR and we forwarded it to a member of the ADR that’s dealing with it and they are due to meet shortly,” Simons said.

Brangman forced a One 50 Overs Premier Division match against Western Stars to be abandoned after refusing to walk when he was contentiously dismissed at St John’s Field on June 17.

His suspension was announced by the BCB on July 1.

Bay’s appeal against the suspension was not upheld by an appeals committee headed up by lawyer Larry Scott.

The club stand by their team’s and the umpire’s claims that Brangman, who is not eligible to resume playing until June 29 was never given out by the umpires.

“The reports that we read, which were submitted by the umpires, none of them say I gave Derrick out and asked him to leave,” Arrim Perinchief, the Bay president, said in a previous interview with The Royal Gazette.

“None of the reports say that, so if none of your reports say I gave Derrick out and I asked him to leave then how could you say he is showing dissent?

“We don’t feel anything was wrong from the beginning, so he should not be banned period because you can’t show dissent if you were never really given out.”

Perinchief believes that having Stars player Nyon Steede, who has since resigned as a BCB first vice-president, directly involved in Brangman’s disciplinary proceedings might have been a conflict of interest.

“We are not comfortable with how certain things have gone down and believe there might be a few conflicts of interest with the people involved,” he said.

“We get a report from a player [Steede] who is also involved with the board who submitted what he believed happened. So is he a player or is he acting on behalf of the board?”