ICC guidelines for return of cricket

  • Return in doubt: the 2020 cricket season in Bermuda, significantly Cup Match seen here at Wellington Oval last year, is under great threat from the Covid-19 pandemic (File photograph by Lawrence Trott)

The International Cricket Council has published guidelines for the safe resumption of cricket to assist its members in restarting cricket activity in their countries as government restrictions owing to Covid-19 start to relax.

ICC Back to Cricket Guidelines is a comprehensive document developed by the ICC Medical Advisory Committee in consultation with member medical representatives, and provides guidance for the safe resumption of community cricket, domestic professional cricket and international cricket.

The guidelines do not provide answers to when the game can resume in different parts of the world, rather provide a framework with practical suggestions on how members can resume cricket in a manner that protects against the risk of transmission of or infection with the Covid-19 virus.

The ICC advises its members to use these guidelines as the basis to create their own policies for return to cricket activity in compliance, in all cases, with local and national government regulations — which should always take precedence — and to ensure the cricket community applies the necessary safety measures when resuming cricket.

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