PHC title win marred by brawl outside club

A brawl erupted outside Pembroke Hamilton Club at the weekend only hours after the Zebras clinched their tenth Premier Division title.

One witness said there was “chaos” as people became involved in a fight outside the club on Hamilton’s Reid Street at about 11pm on Sunday.

The witness, who asked not to be named, said there was “a bunch of people fighting and people around them trying to break it up”.

He said the fight started just as he was about to enter the club’s premises and he did not know what sparked it. A four-minute video of the brawl later circulated on social media.

One man is seen to grab on to a pole and jump-kick at another at about the 50-second mark of the video, which also shows men pushing and shoving each other on the sidewalk, between parked cars, and in the road.

About 50 people were in the area when the fight broke out. Several of them can be seen trying to restrain those involved and calls for calm can be heard.

The video ended as police sirens are heard. The witness said several police officers arrived at the scene moments after.

A message posted on the club’s Facebook page yesterday congratulated the “hard work and dedication of the senior team on their successful season”.

It added: “On such a joyous occasion we regret the disturbance that took place outside of our establishment which we at PHC do not condone.”

Police have appealed for witnesses.

UPDATE: This article initially stated incorrectly that about 50 people were involved in the fight. It was amended to make clear that about 50 people were in the area when the fight happened.