Police warn against ‘motorcycle bandit’

Police have launched a hunt for a motorcycle fraudster who demanded cash from car drivers after he claimed they hit his bike.

A police spokesman said the man, said to be in his fifties, has confronted several drivers and said they had hit his bike and caused damage or crossed his path and made him crash.

The fraudster has demanded cash for repairs and even threatened to call the police.

The spokesman said some drivers had fallen for the scam.

Linda Meinzer, in a Facebook video posted on Tuesday, said that her father had been targeted.

She said: “There is a person out there right now targeting seniors, targeting women, targeting senior men to try to get money out of them.

“This is what they do. They pretend that this person has hit them with their car and then they come up and demand money on the spot.

“My father was a victim of this person. He came up to him and he accused him of hitting him and causing an accident and demanded money from him.”

Ms Meinzer added: “If it happens to you, just call the police right away. Don’t let them intimidate you into giving your hard-earned money away. Call the police.”

She said it was a sad that there were people prepared to target and intimidate the elderly.

Ms Meinzer added that members of the public should look out for one another.

She said: “It is time that we as a community turn the spotlight on these people and say we will not let you continue to target us with crime.”

The police spokesman said the suspect had a brown complexion, was about 5ft 6in tall, slim and wearing glasses and a grey helmet. His bike was white or light-coloured.

Police have appealed for witnesses.

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