Camera captures ‘possible attempted robbery’

  • Two suspicious men caught on camera at the Hub in Warwick, in what staff believe could have turned into an armed robbery (Photograph supplied)

Police are investigating a “suspicious incident” at a Warwick business yesterday.

Staff at the The Hub on Middle Road described the matter, which was caught on camera, as a suspected armed robbery attempt.

Gavin Kennedy, owner of the business which sells phones and phone accessories, said the store was visited at about 11am by two suspicious looking people wearing dark-visored helmets.

Mr Kennedy said the pair said nothing and did not comply after they were twice asked to remove their helmets.

He added: “Their actions when they walked into the store were suspicious and you can see on the camera that when they walked to the door, one was holding something at his waist.”

He said the two arrived on a bike, left after “30 seconds max” and headed towards Khyber Pass.

Mr Kennedy added: “Going back and looking at the video, I see more and more things that indicate a possible armed robbery.”

He alerted police and posted security footage online so that people could be “more aware”.

He added that the pair were completely covered, wore gloves, and had “extremely dark — darker than usual” visors.

Mr Kennedy said about five or six customers were in the store at the time, which might have deterred the pair.

But he added staff were still “shaken” afterwards,

He said: “At the time we didn’t realise what it was, but a few seconds after, that’s when things fell into place.”

The MoneyShop, in the same building, was robbed in 2015 by men in dark-tinted visors.

Mr Kennedy, at the time, called for dark visors to be banned. He repeated yesterday that face-hiding dark visors were “100 per cent” an attraction for would-be robbers.

He said: “I don’t know if they were male or female, black or white. We don’t have a clue.”

Mr Kennedy repeated his call for dark visors to be outlawed and said he planned to speak about the issue to Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, who is MP for the area.

He said: “At least if the visors were not tinted, you could make out some features or skin colour.

“Let’s see if we can get somewhere with it this time.”

A spokesman said police were aware of the security camera footage of the incident circulating on social media and appreciated “the impact of the video and the concern it raises in the community”.

He added: “Witnesses or any members of the public with relevant information, in particular, those who may know the individual(s) involved — are encouraged to call Detective Sergeant Dean Martin at the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477 at the earliest opportunity.”