Police advisory on phone scams

Bermuda residents are being reminded to remain vigilant to avoid becoming victims of scams.

The Bermuda Police Service urged members of the public to be wary of phone calls, e-mails or other correspondences from unknown persons that attempt to obtain personal information.

A spokesman said: “One recent example, is a telephone scam featuring an automated voice recording, apparently from a US prison, which prompts the person to accept the call by pressing a specific number.”

He said that the number had a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area code, and that other numbers with the same area code had also been used.

The spokesman said: “Any residents that receive a similar call that claims to be from an overseas prison should hang up immediately and avoid following any directions given.”

He said that a fake letter scam that asked for help to access a inheritance fund with the promise of a percentage of the monies received had also come to the attention of police.

The spokesman added; “This is clearly a scam and residents are strongly advised to ignore such requests.”

He said that e-mails that appeared to be from local banks which asked the recipient to verify online credentials, such a username and password, “are undoubtedly fake and should be avoided”.

Incidents of suspected internet fraud should be reported to the Financial Crime Unit on 247-1757 or via e-mail at Tips on how to avoid and report scams can also be found at