Man shot in street runs for his life

  • Crime scene: police investigate after two men on a bike shot and seriously wounded a 26-year-old man near a bus stop close to the Empire Grocery store on North Shore Road in Devonshire at 2.30pm yesterday (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Forensic experts examine the scene where a man was shot
  • Photograph by Akil Simmons
  • A man is  being treated in hospital after he was  shot
  • Forensic experts examine the scene where a man was shot

A gunshot victim cheated death after he was hit several times yesterday, but managed to run away and flag down a passing driver.

One nearby resident fled indoors with her baby after she realised a series of bangs were gunshots.

The woman said: “I was sitting outside with my six-month-old.

“I heard the noises and I automatically ran inside. I just heard bang, bang, bang.

“I actually thought it was a bike backfiring until I saw the gentleman running across.”

The woman added: “It happened so fast.

“I have three young kids that like to come outside and play — that’s not going to happen for a while.

“I was just telling my husband last night that we don’t have to worry about break-ins because of the neighbourhood, but then this happens. It’s very scary.”

She was speaking after the 26-year-old man was shot in broad daylight near a bus stop on North Shore Road, Devonshire, between Dock Hill and The Glebe Road.

It is understood the man was hit in both arms and both legs after two men on a motorcycle drove up and opened fire.

The incident happened at about 2.30pm.

A good Samaritan motorist the wounded man flagged down took him to the King Edward VII Hospital, where police said he had emergency surgery.

One man ran down Dock Hill to check on a relative after he heard “bang, bang, bang, bang”.

He said that he saw what appeared to be cartridge cases on the road.

Another woman resident said that the area was “nice”.

She added: “I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

The woman admitted she was too frightened to look out her window or even get up to lock the door when she heard gunshots.

She added: “I just stayed put — then when I heard the police siren, that’s when I knew it was a shooting.”

The woman added: “It was scary. I was a bunch of nerves.”

A police spokesman said detectives had launched a hunt for the two men on the motorbike.

He added that two men on a motorcycle approached the man and “discharged a firearm”.

The spokesman said: “He was hit multiple times and ran off in an easterly direction attempting to flag down vehicles.

“He was subsequently taken to hospital in a private vehicle and at last check was under-

going surgery.”

The crime scene was cordoned off yesterday afternoon as police examined the scene.

Anyone who saw the incident or who has information that could help the inquiry should call Detective Inspector Kenten Trott on 717-2345 or the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739.

Witnesses can also contact the confidential and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477 or by through the website