Dre Hinds

Live for you: just get moving on your fitness journey

  • Get motivated: Dre Hinds, pictured, says many people want to see their fitness improve but are not willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes (Photograph supplied)

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is: go work out!

You have to do this for you. All of this is for you. This isn’t about anybody else. Live for you. Honour you.

Never lose sight of that.

Many people sit there with their devices in hand looking at fitspirations, wishing and hoping to “one day” be like them.

They stare and promise that they will begin their journey tomorrow, or next week or next month, but never fully commit to a change in lifestyle. And then they question why their bodies aren’t transforming.

How can you demand change when you’re not willing to make the choices to aid in this change? How can you expect change when only committing 20 per cent of the time, quitting when it gets tough and bingeing on unhealthy foods 80 per cent of the time?

Take a step back. Acknowledge the level of commitment it requires to reach your goals, make a proper plan, make the necessary changes and move forward. In fact, put the phone down, relieve yourself of the comparison factor, look within and know that you have exactly what it takes.

What’s all too common is that we sit there wishing, never fully doing. It’s time to end this practice.

Stop wishing. Start doing.

You never know what you can accomplish and whose fitspiration you can be — if you commit. The only thing between you and them is discipline and commitment!

Will you take it on? Will you fully commit to a change in lifestyle? Will you change your mindset? Quit excuses?

And, most important, will you decide to do this for you?

Let’s do this guys! And whilst we move forward, remember it’s important to be honest with your efforts and remain true to your journey.

Dre Hinds is a retired track and field athlete who is now a personal trainer, aerobic and yoga instructor and fitness “addict”. Contact her on: absbydre@gmail.com, 599-0412 or @Absbydre on Facebook and Instagram