Richards to be Education Commissioner

  • Kalmar Richards (File photograph)

CedarBridge Academy principal Kalmar Richards is set to be announced as acting Commissioner of Education, sources said this evening.

It is understood that Ms Richards, CedarBridge Academy principal for 17 years, will take over the job on Monday.

Sandys Middle School principal Kenneth Caesar will take over as acting principal at CedarBridge.

The move, which comes after the bungled removal of Freddie Evans as Commissioner in October, sparked concern among experienced teachers.

One pointed out there are already three deputy principals at CedarBridge Academy and questioned why one of them was not chosen to replace Ms Richards.

The source added: “Anyone who is working in the ministry is looking to move up and they bring someone from outside.

“Ms Richards is an excellent principal but hasn’t any experience in running an education system.

“There are people in the ministry who have experience in running the system — it is a totally different kettle of fish.

“And if she wanted to do it, she would have applied for the education commissioner’s position when it was available. She had ample opportunity.”

The insider also questioned the choice of Mr Caesar, appointed to his present post last August, as acting principal of CedarBridge.

The source said: “How do you send someone from a middle school to a high school with twice the number of staff and students? It is senseless.

“You send a brand new principal to a school with seasoned deputy principals — that is what they are there for.

“And they want us to succeed in education? The thing is, the people who suffer are our children.”

Dr Evans is to take legal action against the Governor, John Rankin, the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Education over his firing from his job as Commissioner of Education.

Lawyers for Dr Evans will argue that he could not be fired after his six month probationary period had expired.