Young Achiever: Madison off to Stanford

  • Young Achiever: Madison Quig (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Young Achiever: Madison Quig (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Madison Quig has been on a success streak.

The 17-year-old who won the 2019 Outstanding Teen Awards has been accepted into ten major universities across Canada and the United States.

Now, with a pool of options that included her top four universities, the Bermuda High School Head Girl said that her decision was obvious.

She said: “My top choice was Stanford in the US so that’s the one the I really want to go to.”

Madison, from Paget, said that she had applied to 15 schools in North America, including McGill University in Canada as well as Stanford University.

But despite her enthusiasm, Madison said that she was initially unsure if she would make it into the California-based school.

She explained: “Stanford was by far the hardest university I was applying to.

“My top choice was Harvard but I didn’t get in there, and because the acceptance rate was lower than Harvard last year I never thought I was going to get in.”

Madison added: “Even when I was opening my letter I had accepted that it was going to be a rejection, so I wasn’t even looking.

“I read through the letter and I said ‘wait a second, that’s an acceptance.’

“Then I went up to the top and it said ‘Congratulations’, and I just skipped over it completely because I was like ‘oh, it’s going to be a rejection’.

“It was very exciting for me; I was in shock.”

Madison said that Stanford stood out to her against the several prestigious schools that she had applied to.

She explained: “The campus is really beautiful — I’ve been told that I didn’t get to visit a lot of the schools, but with that one a lot of people told me that it has a really nice campus.

“Obviously coming from Bermuda I’m not used to the cold weather too, so it’s nice that it’s warm there.”

Madison added that the school offered a major in human biology that could help if she chose to enter the field of medicine.

The acceptance letter is not the latest achievement under Madison’s belt: her success at the Outstanding Teen Awards on April 20 granted her a $3,000 cash prize alongside her title.

On top of this, Madison has also received perfect SAT scores in chemistry and Biology and a near perfect score in mathematics last year.

She said that her next goal will be to apply for scholarships to help pay for the $48,000 tuition on top of other fees.

Madison said: “I haven’t applied to very many yet because mine are due in June, but I’ll probably apply for around seven.”

Madison plans to start school in late August.