Saltus head attends Toronto conference

  • Deryn Lavell (File photograph)

The head of Saltus Grammar School attended a prestigious international conference about the future of education.

Deryn Lavell spent several days with heads of leading schools from around the world at the G30 conference.

The G30 held April 29 to May 3 in Toronto, Canada, brought is held annually and attendees must be invited.

Participants are encouraged to share their best practice, thoughts, ideas and challenges.

“Attending the G30 earlier this month was an opportunity of a lifetime,” Mrs Lavell said.

Guest speakers this year included Dominic Barton, global managing partner emeritus of McKinsey, Janice Stein, Belzberg Professor of Conflict Management, and Naheed Bardai, head of Upper school at Upper Canada College.

Mr Lavell added: “Participants benefited from working with psychologists, Rob Evans and Dr Michael Thompson.

“We discussed topics pertaining to education on a global scale including innovation in learning, student leadership, and programme development to ensure success of students and teachers for the future.”

One of the most important aspects of the group is the connections made with educators and the people in the business of education around the world.