TN Tatem decision expected by summer break

  • TN Tatem Middle School (File photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)

Parents of pupils at a closed middle school will know by the end of next month if the school will reopen in time for the start the new academic year in September.

Diallo Rabain, the education minister, said: “I have made a commitment to inform all stakeholders about this before the end of school term three, and I will honour that commitment.”

Mr Rabain said that an assessment was being carried out at TN Tatem Middle School in Warwick to assess the amount of work needed to allow the school to reopen.

He added that health and safety reports on the school that date back to 2012 were also being examined.

Mr Rabain said: “If we do come up with a plan that it can be repaired, we will utilise all of those reports and the examinations that are going on now to determine a budget and time frame.”

He said that TN Tatem pupils had now been transferred to Dellwood Middle School, Sandys Secondary Middle School and Whitney Institute Middle School.

Mr Rabain added: “By all reports, they are settling in to their new environments.”

The school was shut last month after a walkout by teachers and pupils over health fears.

The closure order was sparked by a letter from the Parent Teacher Student Association to education officials that highlighted “grave concerns about the health of the learning environment”.

To view the Minister of Education’s comments on TN Tatem, click on the PDF link under “Related Media”