Botanical Society scholarships

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The Bermuda Botanical Society Committee decided to give three scholarships this year.

1. $3,000 was awarded to Amber Reid who is attending Northeastern University in Boston studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science & Business Analytics. Amber is a past recipient of this award.

2. $2,000 was awarded to Jayla Burt who is studying for a double major in Chemistry and Biology at Southwest Minnesota State University.

3. $2,000 was awarded to KyAsia Scott-Fishenden who is attending Cardiff University in Wales and is studying for a BSc in Environmental Geoscience.

The presentation was held at City Hall on Thursday August 15th 2019. Scholarship Chairman Peter Lee, Scholarship committee member George Peterich and President, Jennifer Flood were in attendance as the Scholarships were presented to Jayla and KyAsia. Amber’s father, Delroy Reid, accepted the award in her absence.

Press release from the Bermuda Botanical Society