Incredible journey only just beginning

  • Fantastic trip: Smith

Ahzai Brooklin Smith has had an incredible journey through sailing and the America’s Cup Endeavour programme.

The 12-year-old, who recently competed in New Zealand and won a regatta, said the thing he enjoys most about being in the America’s Cup Endeavour Programme is the excitement factor.

“The programme is so much fun, and the staff have made it interesting and easy to understand,” he said. “I also enjoy the fact that it has given a chance for all my friends to have a go at the sport I love.”

Before heading to New Zealand, Ahzai had trained twice a week in Optis and had about five training sessions in the Open Bics.

Asked how the America’s Cup, was his cup, he said: “I’m over the moon that the America’s Cup is taking place in Bermuda this year.

“For the past two years the America’s Cup has given the youth of Bermuda some fantastic opportunities to get involved in sailing and with the America’s Cup in general.

“The America’s Cup has chosen the best country in the world — blue waters and pink sand. I’m glad I get to witness such a prestigious event in my country.”

Ahzai’s mother, Chermega Smith, is really glad that her son was able to participate in the AC Endeavour Programme.

“Ahzai has a passion for sailing and was able to train under several coaches to gain more knowledge,” she said.

“He was also able to meet different people during the programme and tour some of the America’s Cup teams based here.

“It has also given him with the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and participate in three regattas.

“As a parent, I’m ecstatic that my son was chosen out of so many kids for this opportunity. I know that with this opportunity it will broaden Ahzai’s horizons. Thank you AC Endeavour.”