Divers clean up Harrington Sound site

  • Good work: a Bermuda Sub Aqua Club pulls what remains of a motorcycle from the bottom of Harrington Sound, during the club’s cleanup (Photograph provided)
  • A job well done: most of the 15 volunteers from the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club pose with items pulled from the bottom of Harrington Sound over the weekend (Photograph provided)
  • volunteers from the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club pull items from the bottom of Harrington Sound (Photograph provided)
  • an abandoned lawn chair and laptop, pulled from Harrington Sound by the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club (Photograph provided)

A diving club took the plunge last weekend as part of a massive marine cleanup effort.

A total of 15 divers from the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club, about a quarter of its membership, combed Harrington Sound to collect trash.

A spokeswoman for the club said: “There were many dive sites on BSAC’s cleanup list and Harrington Sound School dock is on top this year, mainly because we often dive around these waters to conduct training activities.

“It’s the same reason that we have done cleanups by the Devil’s Hole and Clarence Cove in previous years. These areas are close to our hearts and we want to keep them clean and safe for all its dwellers and users. We are keen to do more clean-up sites any chance we have.”

The spokeswoman added that the club worked with Keep Bermuda Beautiful in its clean-ups to help maintain Bermuda’s marine environment.

She said: “The rubbish we collect may not only prevent accidents and make for a healthy ocean. The data collected also contributes to the global statistics which are important to science studies.”

Among the items pulled from Harrington Sound were two beach chairs, a motorcycle, three motorcycle frames and a laptop.

The divers also recovered nine bags of bottles, four tyres and about 250 metres of abandoned fishing lines.