Classic Springboks help clean up beach

  • A different type of scrum: South Africa's Classic Springboks rugby players, here for the 2019 World Rugby Classic, offered to help clean up at Jobson’s Cove after the beach was left littered with nails and glass after someone held a bonfire (Photograph from Facebook)
  • Shame on you: an illegal bonfire was held on Jobson’s Cove in Warwick overnight Thursday

Shocked beachgoers yesterday found a beach beauty spot blighted by a burnt-out bonfire loaded with nails and broken glass.

But rugby players from South Africa’s Classic Springboks team in the World Rugby Classic pitched in to clean up Jobson’s Cove, in Warwick.

The players stepped in after fitness instructor Kelly Ingham discovered the cove strewn with “thousands” of large nails.

Ms Ingham said she believed partygoers left the mess the night before.

She added: “It was disgusting — I was down there at 8.30am to work out and I found it with broken glass all around.

“There were thousands of nails in the fire. For people to leave that type of mess with children running around is crazy.”

She posted pictures on Facebook, contacted the Department of Parks and waited at the scene to make sure no one stood on glass or nails.

The big-hearted rugby players arrived later in the morning to help tidy up.

The Department of Parks said anyone who planned a bonfire on a public beach had to get a permit and agree to the department’s bonfire policy before being granted permission.