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Tiny claims a place in Cup history

  • From the heart: Mulderig’s story draws on her own experiences of sailing

Tiny Wins the America’s Cup in Bermuda is the latest offering from award-winning author Elizabeth Mulderig.

The story is a David versus Goliath tale as Tiny the little tree frog overcomes all adversity to claim his place in history.

Mrs Mulderig, who has been creating the Tiny story books and other titles since the early 1990s, is no stranger to publishing.

She won the Lily Award for Tiny the Tree Frog Tours Bermuda and the international Gourmand Award for Tiny’s Bermuda Cookbook. Tiny the Tree Frog Tours Bermuda has also been chosen by the Corporation of Hamilton to be placed in the parks as a story walk.

As soon as Mrs Mulderig heard that one of the world’s oldest sailing races was to going to be held in Bermuda, she was inspired to write a new story for Tiny.

“The second I heard the America’s Cup was being held in Bermuda I got the idea to have Tiny celebrate,” she said.

“It took a few weeks to come up with the story, but I based it on the fact, that as a kid, I was the worst sailor ever. I received the most improved tennis player award in sailing camp.”

Her aim was to help children to not only be included in the fun and excitement of the America’s Cup, but to show them that they too could be winners.

“Unlike many sailors, the character Tiny is not a very experienced sailor,” she said.

“He never really ‘finally got it’. Rather, he gets sea sick and starts the race out backwards, sailing in the opposite direction of all the other boats.

“However, he tries his best and has a positive attitude. And in the end a few serendipitous things go his way. He ends up winning against all odds.”

She began writing stories at eight after producing a personalised birthday card for her father — something she still does in the form of a personalised painting with a story for the edging.

She then majored in English literature at Boston University and later attended Fashion Institute of Technology where she took a course in children’s literature and children’s book illustration.

As much as she loves being an author and illustrator, her most challenging part is the editing process.

“When I write the story I become very attached to every word as if each and every word is perfect.

“Yes, this is a pathetic, egomaniacal problem, but it’s my problem. Tuppy Cooper was the first one who taught me how to trust someone else with my work, but I’m afraid it still involves much whining and wincing on my part when an editor wants to change my words, but in the end they are usually correct.”

This primed her for the process of becoming an America’s Cup licensee where she went through a similar editing process with every page looked over and fine tuned.

“I had to change several illustrations and words and as you read above, that is not one of my strong points.”

But it has definitely been worth it, as she has received very positive feedback from both locals and visitors alike.

Having the America’s Cup come to Bermuda is an enormous honour for both herself and Tiny alike.

“To have such a small place like Bermuda featured internationally in such a positive manner is terrific,” Mrs Mulderig said.

“And as far as sales of my book is concerned that is terrific as well. An article about the book will be in the Destination Bermuda magazine in the spring so people flying in can read about Tiny.”

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