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A favourite watering hole for Cup sailors

  • Place to relax: crew members from several teams have taken to Woody’s

After a hard day’s work on the water what’s better than grabbing a bucket of beer and a local fish sandwich and relaxing?

And the staff at Woody’s are happy to oblige, making sure the beer is always cold for members of America’s Cup teams who like to hang out there at the end of the day.

Members of Team Oracle USA were the first to arrive at the popular bar followed by Artemis Racing and Softbank Team Japan. One Oracle member gets two Cajun wahoo sandwiches on a regular basis, one to eat at Woody’s and one to go.

“We have some bucket specials and they are our number one customers with those,” George Cann, the bar’s co-owner, said. “They have a great time. They are all really nice people, really good personalities.

“We got to know the guys by name and it is a friendship now and they send some of the guys at the bar rounds of drinks.”

Annaliese Tucker, who is also a co-owner, said: “The America’s Cup is going to be good for Bermuda. I think that what we put in, we will get out.”

By the way, their favourite beer? Heineken.