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Murray excited to showcase his wares

  • Turning his hand: Murray inside his small workshop

Pen designer and information technology professional, Alan Murray, is an America’s Cup licensee.

He sells cedar wares on and has permission to sell cedar pens with the America’s Cup logo.

Mr Murray always loved working with wood in his small workshop at home, but he never imagined that he would be working almost full time in cedar.

“I started to get into carving with Bermuda cedar probably 15 years ago,” he said.

“I’m from Nova Scotia, in Canada originally, but we discovered some old Bermuda cedar in my wife’s grandfather’s basement.

“She wanted me to make something out of it and I only had a small workshop, so I started to turn pens.

“I made a bunch of pens to start for my wife’s relatives out of her grandpa’s cedar and I’ve been going strong ever since.”

His Bermuda Cedar pens come in a couple of different styles.

“Basically it’s one that I call the European style and the other that I call the Navigator style,” he said.

“The European is a ballpoint pen and the Navigator style is a roller ball pen. They each come in different hard wares either in gold or chrome.”

He did not design new pens specifically for the America’s Cup, but what he has done to commemorate the occasion is to add the America’s Cup logo, a photo of the Cup and Bermuda 2017.

Mr Murray also offers an engraving service for clients who want to personalise their pens.

As much he enjoys creating Bermuda cedar pens, Mr Murray also loves sailing so much so that he built himself a sailboat by hand from scratch.

“It’s in Nova Scotia and I sail it every summer when I’m home,” he said.

“It’s a sloop style like the Spirit of Bermuda, but smaller.

“I decided to use that style of the Bermuda Sloop because of the shape and design.”

He has enjoyed watching the America’s Cup events around the world over the years, but never dreamt of being a licensee.

“I decided that I would try to become one as soon as we heard the announcement that the America’s Cup was coming here,” he said. “My wife Cindy jumped on it right away and together we decided to see if it would happen.

“I have the America’s Cup Licensee logo on my business card and it is featured predominantly on my website.”

Becoming an America’s Cup Licensee meant providing the paperwork and a couple of prototypes.

“They were excellent, they helped me through. It took a little time, but it wasn’t difficult. I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Mr Murray is excited to have the America’s Cup in Bermuda.

“I’m excited! It means more business and it’s helping me to grow my pen sales.

“It’s a great way for the world to see what Bermuda looks like and I’m always trying to promote that. We have friends coming to stay with us and watch, so I can’t wait.”

Mr Murray’s commemorative pens can be purchased at Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, The Island Shop, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, BUEI Gift Shop, Handmade Bermuda, at the Clock Tower Mall in Dockyard, the America’s Cup Outfitters, in Dockyard, and on or via e-mail on