General Information

Thousands vote for The Band members

  • On saxophone: Pitman
  • Lead vocals: Seymour
  • Keyboard: Francis
  • Dual role: Baksh
  • All about the bass: Tacklyn
  • Keeping the beat: Washington Sr

Thousands of you voted and this is the result, six local musicians have been chosen to be a part of The Band which will play at various events during the 35th America’s Cup.

After live auditions the public were encouraged to vote online for their favourite contestants to make the shortlist for selection to The Band.

More than 3,000 votes were cast in a week and a half, which shows the high interest Bermudians have in The Band, and the judges made the final choice. Here is what they decided:

Dave Pitman, on saxophone; Jesse Seymour, vocals; Torrey Tacklyn, bass guitar; Troy Washington Sr, drums; Raven Baksh, vocals and guitar; Leroy Francis, keyboard.

Now, an opportunity has arisen to add another guitarist to the roster to ensure all The Band’s playing commitments can be met throughout the 35th America’s Cup.

Interested guitarists are asked to e-mail by February 7 to register their application. The same judging panel will review the submissions and decide on the additional musician.

“We saw an amazing response from talented musicians throughout our search, and, with the help of the public vote have selected an awesome line-up for The Band, and now we have a chance to add another guitarist to The Band,” said Sancha Durham, the Event and Business Solutions Support Coordinator for the America’s Cup Event Authority.

“We look forward to receiving submissions in the coming days, as this is an exciting opportunity for Bermuda’s best guitarist to have the chance to play a unique part in the 35th America’s Cup.“

The panel of judges had representatives from the ACEA and America’s Cup Bermuda and included Robert Edwards, the band’s musical director. The panel narrowed the pool of contestants to 25 in the categories of female singers, male singers, drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, percussionist and saxophonist.

The Band will play at various events during the 35th America’s Cup including Dock-Out shows, in the America’s Cup Village and at America’s Cup parties. They will learn each America’s Cup sailing team’s song as well as playing a mix of soca, reggae, Top 40 and traditional Bermuda-themed songs.

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