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Faulkner hopes island’s cup runneth over

  • On site: Faulkner at Bermuda Clayworks

Jon Faulkner is looking forward to seeing the effects of the America’s Cup.

Mr Faulkner has just taken over the old Bermuda Clayworks at Dockyard and is in the midst of renovating the space to open as the Jon Faulkner Gallery.

“I am doing the renovations partly because the shop needs it, but also partly due to the America’s Cup coming and I would like to have it all done before the America’s Cup starts,” said Mr Faulkner.

“I think it’s fantastic and I think it will be good for business.”

Mr Faulkner started Bermuda Clayworks 20 years ago and left ten years ago because he was “more interested in making pots than running a business”.

Now he’s back and hoping that the America’s Cup proves as beneficially as he hopes it will.

“The America’s Cup will benefit Bermuda hugely and I really hope that it comes back,” he said.