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Time to seize the moment Bermuda

  • Business guidance: Riviere wants Bermuda to make the most of the opportunities associated with the cup

The ACBDA’s Local Biz Connect Working Group successfully held six public information sessions between February 23 and March 7. The purpose was to help connect local businesses and entrepreneurs to the various opportunities resulting from the potential needs of our expected visitors.

Hundreds of community members gathered on the topics of marine services, island-wide vending, land and water transportation, entertainment, West End opportunities and East End opportunities.

Attendees were provided with an overview of the America’s Cup Village, were informed of how the public can experience the races by water and on land and were encouraged to be creative in how our business community can create economic activity during the 35th America’s Cup.

Denise Riviere, the chairwoman of the Local Biz Connect Working Group, was passionate about answering the question: “What’s in it for us?”

Given that the America’s Cup is the third largest global competition behind the Olympic Games and World Cup, her message was clear: the America’s Cup Event Authority chose Bermuda as its racing destination, but it is up to the local community to translate this opportunity into benefits for Bermuda.

“It is America’s Cup and our moment. Our moment to shine as billions of people view the races locally and via live broadcast,” Riviere said. “Our moment to boost tourism; our moment to profit from economic activity; and our moment to create a series of legacies beyond June 2017.”

As it relates to the expected visitor volume, the prediction is that Bermuda will be at its fullest capacity at hotels, guesthouses, private house rentals, boats, etc. A new phenomenon for Bermuda is the probable number of visiting yachts coming.

We are guesstimating around 75 to 85 superyachts and about 300 or so smaller yachts. We must be ready to meet our visitors’ needs whether they come by air or sea.

Some of the potential needs are:

Event/Food Services

Groceries Delivery, Bakeries, Restaurant Delivery, Photographers, Wholesalers, Ice, Private Chefs, Tent/Tables/Chairs, Audio Equipment, Vendors, Florists, Event Planners, Caterers

Medical Services

Disability Services, Pharmacies, Senior Care Equipment, Walk-in Clinics


Mobile phone coverage, internet service, cable television

Household Services

Housekeeping, Laundry Pick Up, Luggage Storage

Personal Services

Health Clubs (non-membership), Personal Trainers (incl. mobile), Spa Services (incl. mobile), Mobile Barbers, Hairstylists, and Nail Technicians

Business Services

Banking, Business Centres, Express Shipping

Family/Pet Services

Babysitting, Pet Services (incl. mobile), Summer Camps, Child Supplies


Bike Rentals, Ferries, Limos, Minibuses, Taxis, Water Shuttles

General Marine Servicing

Fresh Water, Sewage Removal, Trash Removal, Florists, Fuel, Natural Gas, Laundry, Mooring Services, Security

Marine Repair Services

Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Refrigeration, Sail & Rigging, Woodwork, Boat Parts, Haul Out Facilities, Steel Fabrication, Towing Services

Marine Cleaning

Interior Boat Cleaning, Hull Cleaning

How can the ACBDA help?

The ACBDA will be creating an Online Directory in order to assist local businesses and entrepreneurs in connecting with visitors to help meet their needs. The directory is not meant to duplicate the Yellow Pages, therefore there will be a selection process for inclusion.

To submit your interest, go to, select the Local Biz Connect tab, then click on Express Your Interest. For questions, please e-mail